Dark sky park – Beskydy, Czech Republic

2. December 2019

There is a lot of light polluiton in Czech Republic. But we can also find some places, where is a little bit darker. The Darky sky park Beskydy is that area. There is light pollution, but no so strong as nearest the cities. In the panorama photo we can see photographers, they are pointing their lenses to our Galaxy approaching over zenit, with bright orange stripes called airglow. It create during the day, when UV radiation ionize oxygen or nitrogen in the high atmosphere. In the photography with constellation we can see the setting triangle. Vega (Lyra), Deneb(Cygnus) and Altair(Aquilla) – Three brighter stars in the photo.
Big summer triangle are asterism. Asterisms are group of brigth stars and they are not belong to any constellation. They usually serve to orientation in the night sky. Best-known are big dipper, big summer triangle, spring triangle, Pegasus sqaure and winter G. On the photography, we can see summer triangle and surrounding constellations. The last photo – Orion constellation refflecting in the small lake.



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