Light Pollution

7. April 2020

This is the real light pollution panorama!
We are losing stars.

While in the dark skies we can see about 30.000 stars by naked eye, in big cities we see less than 40 stars.
This is the real identic light pollution panorama of 6 Bortle scale segments. Each segment contains 3 vertical shots and it’s connect as a panorama. All photographies has been made with same equipments, same settings and same postprocess during one week at the same country. Fortunately, conditions was really perfect and sky was really clear during all test. Each photography was made at the same time approximately at 3:30 AM. (Each day few minutes earlier because of little bit different location in the sky). Thanks to precision, the test was successful and unique. I hope that it can be helpful for some useful
Equipments: Canon 6D mod, Sigma Art 28mm, Sky Watcher Star Adventurer
EXIF: f/2.0, ISO6400, 25″
Category: Tracked Pano

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