The Lyrids and airglow

29. April 2020
The Lyrids and airglow 💥🔥🌲
The day before Lyrid’s maximum I spent a whole night at the Muran plateau capturing meteors. This day was increased Sun’s activity and I was really curious about some airglow. And after midnight, the bright red glow appeared and lit the sky. Due to this thing, I decided to make a 360-degree panorama. Unfortunately, our eyes can’t see those colors of this phenomenon.
Canon 6Dmod, Sigma Art 28mm background EXIF: f/2.2, ISO 6.400, 25″
Canon 6D, Samyang 12mm for meteors EXIF: f/2.8, ISO 10.000, 25″
Sky-Watcher StarAdventurer
Location: Zbojska, Slovakia

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