Sky in May 2020

3. May 2020

I decided to make an image of the important night sky events. Every month, if it is

 possible I’ll share events for Northerners, that shouldn’t be missed! I believe, it will

be helpful for those, who like watching up the night sky. Thanks for watching 😉



Eta Aquariids


There will be a few interesting celestial events in May. In the first days, the Eta Aquariids meteor shower‘s
coming! Unfortunately, the Moon will be shining so bright, because it will be at the Full Moon phase, but don’t worry. We’ll be also able to see some good meteors on the night sky. The radiant of the Eta Aquariids meteor shower will rise just above the horizon before the dawn, but we will see meteors across the whole sky, of course. For romantics – don ‘t forget to wish something!







Milky Way core


During all May long, the core of the Milky Way galaxy will be rising above the horizon. Especially in the second part of the night. We will also see three bright planets – Jupiter, Saturn, and even Mars – near the Galaxy core. It’s the most photogenic part of our Galaxy. Try to observe it, even capture it on Your camera. Good luck!






Beautiful conjunctions


Really beautiful conjunctions coming! There will be three interesting dates of splendid “rendezvous”. 12th of May – Conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Moon at the early morning sky. 22nd of May – conjunction of Venus and Mercury. And the most beautiful conjunction we will observe on the 24th of May. A spectacular meeting of crescent Moon, Mercury, and Venus. Enjoy!






Full Moon and Comet SWAN

On the 7th of May Full Moon phase occurs. The moon will be approximately 361.427km away from the Earth, especially after the sunset. This event is also a really photogenic.

And the last, but not least, the Comet SWAN. After the disappointment of the comet ATLAS, the second hope for this Year’s comets coming! Comet SWAN still brightens. And it’s likely to see the comet in the end of May by a naked eye! It will be just above a horizon, but still visible by the naked eye! Unfortunately, comets are truly unpredictable and we all hope, comet SWAN won’t disappoint us!


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