Surreal life

28. May 2020

In the 21st digital century, we fight with many issues and mankind’s values.


Technology gadgets and social media can improve our lives, bring the other sense, develop new sectors, but also easily make our lives unreal. Many people are dependent on social media. Due to watching a mobile screen, They can’t see important things that matter. But real life is outside those devices. The most real device for me that’s for free, is definitely nature. And how about You?


This is not a nice photo with beautiful composition, but the message to the people. That figure on the photo is me. Thanks to the brightness of a mobile screen I had to adapt my eyes and it took more than 30 minutes.




Date and time: 22nd of May 2020 approximately 2:00 AM UTC+2h

Location: Dark Sky Reserve Poloniny – Nová Sedlica, Slovakia

Camera: Canon 6D mod
Lens: Sigma Art 50mm
Mount: Sky-Watcher Sky Adventurer

Category: Single Shot

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