Path of the comet Neowise

25. August 2020

In July, something which came from far distances gained an interest in astronomers, photographers, and also the general public.

We watched the great comet Neowise. First, from the early morning sky when it was hardly observed with the naked eye, up to the most beautiful gem of the night in the Northern hemisphere – in the second part of July. Such an interesting “visitor” from the remote part of the Solar System really doesn’t come often. For that reason, excellent Czech photographer Petr Horalek and I decided to catch all its beauty for almost the whole month. Well, behind this image stands a lot of data indeed. A lot of “catching” good weather, a lot of traveling (some data become from the Crete – Greece). Other data came from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A lot of effort about planning and making a panoramic picture after almost a month of unsuitable weather. Due to that, the path fits exactly over the High Tatras peaks – the highest Slovak’s mountains. And of course, truly difficult post-process behind one picture. At the end of all our work, as a result, is a unique image of whole behavior, the path, and metamorphosis of the stunning comet of the year 2020, which will be in our memories for a long time.


Technical and more info:

NEOWISE’s Metamorphosis over High Tatras


ANNOTATED version: 

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