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Do You want a special unforgettable photo under the night sky? During the year there are many opportunities to capture a unique image.


Exceptional printed canvas images, images in aluminium frame,  or photographic desk in high resolution to living room, or office.


Download a 5K wallpaper to PC or phone and enjoy the dark sky, eclipses or meteor showers directly in Your computer.


Fulldome projection images according to requirements in high resolution especially for educational use in planetariums – even with lectures about interesting topics.

Individual workshops

Individual ONLINE workshops focused on panoramatic photographs, celestial events , meteor shower, processing unique Ha + RGB images according to Your needs.

Please contact us for special requests

Premium quality canvas images


In various photography design, also by custom made.


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-Astronomy popularizer, writer
-Planetarium co-owner, lecturer


NASA Astronomy Picture Of the Day, BBC Sky At Night magazine, 

TWAN – The World At Night, IMO – International Meteor Organization

Tomas was born in 1994 in Kosice. In his childhood, he was fascinated by the night sky. He was still interested in space secrets and observing interesting events like eclipses or meteor showers. He was amazed when he first pointed the lens of the old camera toward the night sky and found out how many objects the camera had captured compared to the naked eye. This brought him into the world of astrophotography. His biggest passion is photographing the night sky with nature beauty. Seven of his photographs were honored by NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of the Day and thirteen images as the Earth science Picture Of the Day. You can notice his images also in the magazine of BBC Sky At Night, worldwide gallery The World At Night, International Meteor Organization magazine, and in Finnish astronomical magazine Tähdet ja avaruus. So his photographs are all around the world. He publishes photographs in the scientific and technical magazine Quark. He is interested in the popularization of astronomy in the planetarium. He is co-owner and associate director in a school-education project with the inflatable planetarium. He is also involved in creating programs and lectures at schools.