Take Your star

22. July 2020

This composition was in my head for a longer time and I waited for the right opportunity. It perfectly describes my feelings in touch with the naturally dark sky. It reflects our natural and cultural heritage and even our long long history of everything. On the opposite side, is sad that we have to get really far away from cities, hundreds or thousands of kilometers to experience those feelings… Now it’s hard to imagine that before 150 years people from big cities could enjoy the dark skies…
This is not an ordinary panorama, but many night sky gems on the one photo taken during one night! Thanks to the dark sky, You can easily see a really bright Milky way, red atomic oxygen airglow above the horizon, a meteor, and last but not least, the biggest gem, great comet of the year 2020 – C/2020 F3 Neowise. The photo was taken 20th of July 2020 at Crete, Greece. The woman holds her own „star“ looks symbolic like a Greek goddess. The great memory indeed!

Category: PANO, Stacked meteor
Equipment: Canon 6D mod, Sigma Art 28mm, Samyang 12mm for meteor
Location: Crete, Greece
Date: 20th of July 2020

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