Dramatic glimpse

2. September 2020

Photo taken during the last night of July’s Crete expedition. As Crete isn’t a small island, we traveled hundreds of kilometers during 9 days. Every night at a different place. As a reward, the country honored us with its beautiful natural dark sky in Bortle 2 location, with Bortle 1 just a few meters beyond the beach. Since the girl on the photo has seen the Milky Way for her first time, and I also love each minute under such a beautiful sky, we didn’t want to leave this place that night. Even with a really pleasant temperature of about 27 °C, whispering sea and some other travelers from around the world who camped not far away from us, this night was so memorable. And because she’s also an artist, who knows, what she thought about. We were stargazing so long, that we slept just for 2 hours before our long way home, but it was worth every single minute.


In the photo, we can see the Milky way brightest part – the galactic core surrounded by red airglow and two bright planets – Jupiter and Saturn. But there’s a thing. Can You see the faint light on the sea level? Well, it’s a reflection from the Milky Way and it was also visible by the naked eye. Such beauty, indeed!




Equipment used:
Canon 6D mod
Sigma Art 28mm
Kedrodados Beach, Crete – Greece
Date: 21st of July 2020

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