Colorful Quadrantids

15. October 2020

Memory on the beautiful January’s night of Quadrantids on Sardegna Island.


We can find more interesting things here. Our home Galaxy along the night sky approaching zenit. The most – known constellations of the winter night sky at North hemisphere and some red nebulas in the galactic arms. We can see the brighter star in the night sky called Sirius, green and red airglow creating in high atmosphere, star clusters Pleiades and Hyades and asterism – Big dipper. But why ” In the hearth of the action”? We can even see two observers looking towards a Quadrantids meteor shower. These observers chosen perfect place to enjoy their night. They’re locating in the zodiacal light!


Equipment: Canon 6Dmod, Sigma Art 35mm
Category: Pano
EXIF: 15″, f/2.2, ISO 6.400
Location: Sardegna, Italy

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