Orionids 2020

24. October 2020

Year 2020 was perfect for Orionids. I hope that everyone who spent pandemic time under the night sky had great conditions. Unfortunately, I had just one good night here in Slovakia when the weather permitted photographing and stargazing. Despite the photograph isn’t according to plans, it’s a great memory of this beautiful event. What we can see on the image? In the valley is Runina village – the darkest place in Slovakia. From the left, the strong zodiacal light concerns through the Venus and Milky Way to the zodiacal bridge. The winter Galaxy excels generally with colorful nebulas, which are in beautiful details thanks to the dark night sky and modified camera. And the most interesting thing – few meteors from Orionid meteor shower – a relic of Halley’s comet.


Location: Dark Sky Reserve Poloniny, Slovakia – Runina village
Equipment: Canon 6D mod, Sigma Art 50mm, Sky-Watcher StarAdventurer for mosaic
Canon 6D, Samyang 12mm for meteors
Category: Pano, Stacked meteors
EXIF: 20″, f/2.2, ISO 6.400, 30″, f/2.8, ISO 10.000

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