Setting Moon

31. December 2020

The year 2020 was so difficult for everyone and it will be registered in future history. I think it’s not necessary to tell anything more. But I’d like to afford some hope into 2021. However, it’s the main thing that drives us forward. So we need better tomorrows, I wish everyone the best for the next year.

As this image displays the “better tomorrows”. After an unsuccessful total solar eclipse in Chile 2020 due to the weather, just a few moments after the eclipse clouds disappeared. Although it seems like another tragic moment in the damn year, the next day, after all, there was new hope. As the amazing night sky, still approaching planets Jupiter and Saturn that moment, or such beautiful setting just one-day-old Moon. However, it looks like a waning crescent Moon just before the New Moon, actually it’s a waxing crescent Moon (the day after the New Moon). Due to the view from another side of the planet, the Moon is upside down – even You can recognize some structures in the unlit part of the Moon and realize, it’s vice versa 🙂


Equipment: Canon 6D, TS Optics 1000/100 f10

Date: 15th of Sep 2020

Location: Pucón, Chile

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