Winter Arcs

17. March 2021

This image shows my most wonderful time under the winter night sky this season. And there are many factors that make this image special. I spent many nights trying to catch the best possible conditions. Finally, at the end of the winter, happiness smiled at me. In the altitude 1.740m, freezy temperature about -14°C in the hearth of the Slovak’s Low Tatras mountains, the condition of the atmosphere was really tremending. Thanks to that, the splendid winter arc of the Milky Way shines in its beautiness, and via the modified camera and H alpha filter even with the hydrogen nebulas within galactic arms. Emission nebulas are often the early stage of the star formation. However, the second arc is more interesting and its boundaries are a little bit closer to our pale blue dot, than the greatness of our Galaxy reaches. It’s a zodiacal arc made by scattered light on interplanetary dust in our Solar System. Due to the great conditions, not just the zodiacal light, but even the zodiacal bridge and counterglow are shining in its best, easily visible by naked eye as well. More attentive observers will notice the greatest conjunction of March 2021 – Pleiades, Mars and Hyades.


Category: Tracked Pano

EXIF: 25″, f/2.2, ISO 6.400

Equipment: Canon 6D mod, Sigma Art 28mm, Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer, Astronomik H alpha 12nm filter for nebulosity.

Location: Mountain hut MRS under Dumbier Peak, Low Tatras mountains – Slovakia

Date: 10th of March 2021

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