Reflection of motion

7. April 2021

Whether we are in such a calm place and we are enjoying the silence, where it looks like the whole “time stops”, the celestial show and the universe itself have no break. And this place I have visited even looks like everything else actually stops here. Beautiful starry reflection in a calm pond just gave me an option to take the untraditional image for myself. Although the stars in the sky and in the pond seem to have traveled a huge distance, not really the stars, but in fact the pond and the Earth were rotating in an enormously fast manner. In mid-latitudes it is about 1,180 km/h. Our Earth rotates constantly around its axis and therefore we do not just feel this movement. Probably, for this reason, people have been very skeptical of this claim in the past. If you would like to try to photograph the movement of the Eart, the principle is very simple. Camera and plenty of time – and you will capture beautiful star trails in your photo.


Equipment: Canon 6D, Samyang 14mm

Category: Star Trails

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