From lake to sky

13. April 2021

In the ancient past, many cultures created different stories about stars, constellations, and celestial events. There’s no surprise, that each company had a different point of view. But one legend says a really interesting story about the constellation Cygnus (Swan). In the past, three hunters came through the dark forest up to the calm and deep lake. The lake was home of many beautiful kinds of wild birds. Include swans. One of the most beautiful residents of the lake. Two hunters didn’t want to hurt such a beautiful animal, but despite their wishes, the third man killed the swan. The queen of the pond fell directly into the deep and dark water. Two unfortunate hunters searched for her. Finally, they spotted something that reminds us of her to this day. They saw stars in the water, whose shape resembled a swan. That Swan today represents a beautiful constellation with the bright star Deneb.

No one knows if the story is truthful. But this story perfectly described the photograph I made last week.
In the reflection, there’s no just Swan, but even another king of birds – Eagle (Aquilla) with the bright star Altair. And the calm moment even creates the rising Moon in the foreground.
Category: Panorama
Equipment: Canon 6D, Sigma Art 28mm
EXIF: 15″, f/2.2, ISO 6.400
Location: Bysta lake, Slovakia
Date: 5th of Apr 2021

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