Two Galaxies

16. May 2021

In the artistic meaning, this image shows the relation between the universe and Earth. As in the sky, also in the pond, we can see our beautiful Galaxy. The reflection of our great home. Everything in the image is part of the universe. Even the fascinated photographer behind the camera. Many million years ago, we got a great “gift”. After a long time of many coincidences, we were able to live here, think, and called our home the Earth. The pale blue dot has hosted countless generations of our ancestors so far, and now that we live in it, the entire planet is in a web of enormous problems. However we are part of itself, it’s our responsibility to decide how to continue. If we will able to preserve the “gift” to stand on the planet in a habitat zone, orbiting around the average star and breathe ordinary air, or we will lose everything.
In the physical meaning, the image shows the Galactic core surrounded by strong green atomic oxygen airglow emitted in 557,7nm. And nature as well, inhabited by different sorts of living beings.
Equipment: Canon 6D, Sigma Art 50mm, Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer

Category: Tracked Pano

Location: Zbojska, Slovakia


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