Darkest view

20. May 2021

In the Slovak Republic, we have 145 lookout towers placed in different regions. Few of them are placed well for night sky enthusiasts, where You can enjoy the night sky beside the beautiful view as well. Two of them are located in regions with dark sky. One directly in Dark Sky Park Poloniny, but unfortunately within the village which is the most light-pollution producer in surroundings. And this one as You can see in the image is probably the best and darkest lookout tower in this country. Placed in Muran Plateau national park, so the night sky here is just spectacular.

Equipment: Canon 6D, Samyang 14mm
EXIF: 480x 25″, f/2.8, ISO 8.000
Category: Star trails
Location: Zbojska lookout tower, Muran Plateau, Slovakia
Date: 11th of May 2021

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