From sand to cosmic dust

27. September 2021

Do You feel confused about the photography name? This description is right for You.
Our planet disposes of many beautiful places with lagoons and beaches. Where we, people, like to spend our vacations. No doubt, it’s really relaxing and nice to listening to the waves and laying on the hot sand. But what if this experience would be connected with observing a meteor shower? Definitely, that sounds even more epic! This is what I felt like this August. I with my friends Petr Horalek and Josef Kujal have captured meteors from the Perseids with such a nice atmosphere. Finally, up to 232 meteors were captured during 5 clear nights around its maximum. I registered them into the panoramic background image from the same beach. As the another “dust” meaning You can see a zodiacal light across the sky and gegenschein between Jupiter and Saturn. A consequence of interplanetary dust reflecting the sunlight. Isn’t it interesting, how many splendid and magical views can some tiny particles produce?

Location: Crete, Greece
Date: 9th to 14th of August 2021
Category: Tracked HaRGB Panorama, Registered meteors
Equipment: Canon 6D mod, Sigma Art 28mm for panorama,
Canon 6D, Samyang 12mm (x3) for meteors
Credits belongs also to: Petr Horálek, Josef Kujal

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