For the very first time

16. November 2021

One of my biggest dreams even before I became an astronomy popularizer and photographer was to see the northern lights. And now, thanks to my friends this dream came true. Our polar trip headed to Sweden, but our first days were mostly hopeless as the weather in Abisko was just cloudy and snowy. Decision then was one and only – to get a trip much north, in Tromso, Norway. The experience was magnified when I finally met legendary Adrien Mauduit, great astrophotographer and cinematographer. It was him who kept me, Petr Horálek, Josef Kujal and Balazs Szarka in hope for hours before the aurora truly apeared–literally from nowhere. It was him who said “Just wait, it is about to come something amazing”. And I had never been so grateful before like that time when I finally saw he was right. The dynamics, intensity, colors visible even by the moonlight made this one of my lifetime experiences so far. If you like the image, trust me–the personal experience is much much much better! Hopefully not my last, I am sure I want to see it again. This is one of moments you know it was worth to live for!
Equipment: Canon 6D mod, Samyang 14mm
Category: Single Shot
Location: Tromso, Norway

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