Airglow blast

22. November 2021

During my trip to the darkest place in Slovakia – Dark Sky Park Poloniny, I was so lucky to be a witness of such strong airglow I haven’t seen ever before. At the beginning of the night, the sky was completely dark, but just before the end of the astronomical night, the brightness of the sky itself rose so high that it even lit the foreground, and I thought about what was going on. I had one guess, but I wanted to be sure and took a picture. When I pointed the camera towards the sky I was truly excited about the nice colors and structures! Interestingly, that directly in Poloniny Dark Sky Park on Kolonica saddle observatory, there is an airglow-monitoring facility. It’s called AMON-ES (Airglow MONitoring – Extended Station). It’s obvious that under the dark night sky, the real gems are revealed.

Location: Runina – Dark Sky Park Poloniny, Slovakia

Date: 9th of June, 2021

Time: About 01:00 AM UTC+2h

Category: Panorama

EXIF: 45 images – 15″, ISO 10.000, f/2.2

Equipment: Canon 6D modified, Sigma Art 28mm from tripod

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