Bowing the universe

27. July 2020

A little man standing on the tiny blue dot looking at our Galaxy and bow before the size of the universe. The brightest part of our universe home – the Milky Way and its galactic center dominating the photograph. As You can see, it looks much bigger than our little man. But in fact, it’s much much bigger. Just the average size of our Galaxy is 100.000 light-years. Do we still think about how huge we are? The Milky Way is a home place for more than 100 billion stars and our observable universe contains more than 100 billion galaxies…. Many stars have their planets orbiting around them, like we orbiting around the Sun. Some of them could be in a habitable zone and could contain some life forms. Are we perfect intelligent life forms? Well, obviously not for now, because we still can’t break the most asked questions. And the little man standing on the tiny dot hope, that we will break the most famous questions of this century during the lifetimes we actually live.


Category: Tracked pano
Equipment: Canon 6D mod, Sigma Art 50mm, Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer
Location: Crete, Greece
Date: 20th of July 2020





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