Lost meteors

1. August 2021

In real dark, cosmic lights appear. For many people, get under the dark skies means go tens of miles outside of cities. Although it’s possible to see more stars there, but to get under the naturally dark night sky, it’s necessary to travel hundreds and thousands of miles away from light sources. Unfortunately. Even during observing a meteor shower. A significant consequence of light pollution is “losing” weaker meteors disappearing in city lights. As closer to cities we actually are, the less count of meteors we can see. And that’s the main goal of this comparison image made by Tomas Slovinsky(Slovakia) and Petr Horalek(Czech Republic). The left photograph comes from the darkest area of Slovakia – Dark Sky Park Poloniny with Bortle 2 sky. The right image is from Sec lake in the Czech Republic, where You can find Bortle 4 sky. The difference between those two classes of the sky is about thousand of stars seen by the naked eye and amount of faint meteors as well. So, to enjoy the Perseids 2021 go under as dark skies, as possible :).

Technical info: Both photographers used similar equipment and post-process. After all, everything was processed together to achieve relevant output.
Equipment: Canon 6D mod, Sigma Art 28mm (Tomas), Samyang 24mm (Petr)
For meteors: 2 x Samyang 12mm used by both photographers
Category: Panorama, Stacked meteors
Date: August 2020
Location: Poloniny, Slovakia / Seč lake, Czech Republic

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