South celestial rock

22. November 2022

In the driest place on “Mother” Earth, the Chilean desert Atacama many exciting rock formations lie. It’s a place, where You can literally feel like You are in the other world, or Mars. And with the photographer’s intention, the rock in front of the image looks like it’s pointing at the south celestial pole, which is just behind the rock itself. The bright southern part of the Milky Way and its nebulas, the Southern cross, colorful airglow, beautiful Magellanic clouds, bright star Canopus, and part of the Gum nebula in the top right corner can be seen in the picture. And in Martian-looking country, besides the typical orange dust, curious white salt particles in the ground made the unique composition of the landscape.
Category: Tracked Panorama
Equipment: Canon 6D modified, Sigma Art 28mm
EXIF: 30″, f/2.2, ISO 4.000

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