Winter Sky in Tatras

20. December 2022

The image comes from Slovak’s highest mountains High Tatras, captured near the Zbojnicka mountain hut. During a chilly, but really nice and calm winter night, the winter part of the Milky Way with brighter stars around rising above the snow-covered peaks. In the top right corner, the blue-colored group of stars is actually a well-known star cluster Pleiades, slightly below Hyades and nearby – the brightest “star” in the picture is actually planet Mars. The conditions were far from perfect and it was a bit of a photo challenge with high clouds and humidity, but I hope you still like the photo 🙂
Category: Stacked Ha-panorama
Equipment: Canon R6 astro-modified, Sigma Art 50mm, from the tripod.
EXIF: 3 frames each 8″, ISO 3.200, f/2.2
The panoramic picture contains 30 images

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