Silent mountain night

23. December 2022

Under the night sky dotted with thousands of tiny stars, one hears one’s own thoughts. The sky is almost within reach, but in reality, many stars are thousands of light-years away. Similar feelings were going through my head while creating this photo, just a few days before Christmas Eve. The image was created in the High Tatras, near Zbojnícká mountain hut at an altitude of 1,960 m. The freezing night temperatures exceeded -12°C, but the absolutely calm windlessness perfectly enhanced the wonderful Christmas atmosphere. Because this is exactly what Christmas is about. To stop at least for a moment, to enjoy the world around us, and the starry sky often allows us to do that.
In the photo, there is Milky Way with the Summer triangle setting above the horizon – containing three bright stars Vega, Deneb, and Altair. Over the peaks, the brightest object is actually planet Jupiter.
Category: Ha+RGB Stacked Panorama
EXIF: 2×13″, f/2.2, ISO 3.200
Equipment: Canon R6 astro-modified, Sigma Art 28mm from tripod (no tracker)

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