Workshops for beginners and advanced photographers In Slovakia, Greece and Chile, or ONLINE Gain experience and experiences while taking photos together

"...astrophotography is a demanding, but all the more beautiful photographic discipline..."

Why choose my workshops?

I am a popularizer of astronomy who has been active on the Slovak market for 6 years with the Astro Show planetarium project. I have been actively engaged in astrophotography for only 4 years, but during that time I have spent countless nights under summer, winter, polluted, southern and really dark night skies. I won 8 NASA Astronomical Image of the Day awards, 13 times Earth Science Picture of the Day, my photos and articles are regularly featured in Quark and Kozmos magazines, but also in BBC, TWAN, and IMO. I understand what is worth paying attention to in the night sky in terms of astrophotography. Although there are various tutorials on the Internet, there is no substitute for a personal workshop and consultation. Moreover, no one can give you the greatest know-how on the Internet. Not only will I sell you knowledge and experience that you won’t learn in tutorials, but I can also attend to the participants personally and answer their challenging questions.


Workshops in field (Slovakia)

You will learn everything you need to master creating panoramic astrophotographs, namely: basic knowledge of the night sky, information about phenomena, planning the choice of location and composition, choosing the right technique, often underestimated clothing, camera settings, photography and post-processing.

Workshops abroad (coming soon)

For those who like to take pictures and travel, I have prepared a brand new product. The best experiences create memories for a lifetime. In cooperation with a Slovak travel agency, I prepared astronomical tours with the aim of seeing a unique landscape and the best phenomena – eclipses, aurora borealis or the dark and beautiful southern sky. In cooperation with other professional photographers, you will find workshops outside Slovakia. Will you join?

Online workshops & consultations

Whether you need advice on small things, or you are interested in complete know-how for astronomical images, contact me. Through online individual consultations, I advise how to do it – from practical information, the choice of technique to demanding processing. According to the requirements, we will determine the date and duration of the consultation in advance. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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