Prednášky o hviezdnej oblohe Spojené s výstavou fotografii Pre dospelých a študentov


Earth's atmosphere

Have you ever wondered what we owe to the earth’s atmosphere? Of course, thanks to it, many living organisms had a great opportunity for life. In addition, our gas envelope also presents several interesting, oddities, or a large number of wonderful phenomena.


Together we will get to know the different layers of the earth’s atmosphere gradually. In each of them, I will show you the most fantastic phenomena that we can observe with our naked eyes.


Colors of the day or night sky. Eclipse, mesospheric clouds, cloud lightning, aurora borealis, or airglow? And much more!

Is astrophotography REAL?

If the answer were very simple, the entire lecture would probably not be related to the given issue. In order to answer the most frequently asked question, what kind of astrophotographer can get, we need to learn the principles of camera operation, explore the limits of the human eye, or look at the image processing itself.


In this lecture you will learn about electromagnetic radiation, the visible spectrum, the physics of the human eye and the camera sensor.


The answer, which will probably surprise you, will be based not only on physical foundations, but also on a philosophical perception of the world.

Journeys behind stellar phenomena

Nowadays, there is a huge “boom” in travel. Not only is travel more affordable and safer, but the world’s tourist infrastructure is also developing significantly.


But how do starry sky photographers travel? Why does one travel for the sky or heavenly phenomena at all?


In this lecture, you will learn interesting stories from my travels behind the naturally dark sky, the Southern Cross, the volcanic caldera in the clouds, or the kitschy beautiful atmosphere of Greek beaches. I will tell you the answers to the questions why it is worth traveling to the sky, where you will see the most interesting phenomena in the coming years and where the darkest darkness is located in our country or in Europe!


Astrophotography is an increasingly popular field. The first pictures were taken from a purely scientific point of view on photographic plates, but in today’s hi-tech era, we can get by with very affordable equipment for fascinating shots of the night sky.


Do you want to learn how astrophotos are created, what technique to prepare for night photography or how to process the images afterwards?


The lecture will answer you in guaranteed simple procedures that I use. I will tell you where the night sky is best photographed, how to plan your shot, and what suitable conditions to use.

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