High Tatras finery 5K

5.19 s DPH

High-quality image in resolution: 5120 × px



With amazing ideas, new experiences begin. Behind photos stands a lot of effort, but also great memories. The same, as in this case. When I planned to make this photo I knew, it will be a difficult task. This was also my dreamy composition, and the conditions didn’t stand before conquering the challenge. I embarked on the expedition on the Solisko peak (2.117m above sea level), which I had to visit during the day and come back at night, even alone. With the heavy backpack, it wasn’t an easy walk, indeed. But I really enjoyed this trip, and the satisfaction came while I processed the photographs.

However, in the foreground stand majestic mounts of the High Tatras mountains- the highest mountains of Slovakia. The night sky shows a boundary between summer and winter sky. Three bright stars (Vega, Deneb and Altair) forming the Summer triangle asterism above the observer are setting. And on the other side – the Orion and other iconic winter constellations are rising. Besides that, the zodiacal light traverses the Milky Way and goes through the Pleiades and Hyades star clusters. On the most right sight, we can see a bright object, which is dominating the night sky right now – the red planet Mars.