Meteor rain over Muran Plateau 5K

5.19 s DPH

High-quality image in resolution: 5120x3621px.



Standing near a beautiful coniferous tree, fascinated by many meteors burning out in atmosphere and enjoying the dark sky at the Muran Plateau for all night long. It sounds like a dream and it was a dreamy night indeed! Meteors are coming from each sides. Lyrids from the Lyra constellation with its brigtest star Vega, α-Scorpiids from the Scorpius constellation and its brightest star Antares and at last, θ-Virginids from the Virgo constellation with the brigthest star Spica. Then a bright, spectacular bolide lit the night sky with its length 82°13′. There was an ionization trail even an hour after the bolide appeared – at the time of shooting the panorama. What a fantastic night! The meteors were being captured for three nights at the same place and stacked to the panorama.