M. Sc. Adrien Mauduit

“I really like Tomas’s work. I think it is much underrated. I actually enjoy his work, which I find inspiring. I can easily say that some of his photos are among the best in the astrophotographers community in terms of processing and composition.”

-Photographer, cinematographer, visual science education & communication coordinator, Science author

Bc. Peter Horalek

“I consider Tomas’s as one of the most talented astrophotographers and astronomy popularizers not just in Slovakia, or in Europe, but also worldwide. His work is revolutionary, physically correct and it makes a huge educational impact. “

-Astrophotographer, Astronomer, ESO ambassador, multiply honored by NASA and ESO

Mgr. Viktoria Zemancikova, PhD.

“Tomas is a very handy and passionate photographer and night sky observer. His photographs are unique, original, and authentic and they also reflect his enthusiasm and his talent. His quick progress is admirable and especially his passion for each photography expedition.”

-Astronomer, astronomy popularizer, writer, founder and operator in a planetarium

RNDr. Simon Mackovjak, PhD

“Interest in science usually begin by amazement in nature events. Tomas’s photographs bring exactly this amazement of the night sky and universe. After watching them You will have definitely want to understand phenomena captured on his photos which are unfortunately hidden before our eyes. Thanks to his talent, Tomas does his work not just for the general public, but also for the science community.”

-Astrophysicist, SPACE :: LAB - department of cosmic physics, Institute of experimental physics SAV (Slovak Academy of Science)