Game of colors

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Premium quality canvas image with wooden recessed frame. Shipping worldwide.

Dimensions: 90cm x 60cm



Many astrophotographers and night sky observers hate Moonlight because due to its strong shine weaker objects are disappearing. But we also love some dramatic moments as the consequences of Moon’s position. As eclipses, or conjunctions. It’s no so far I presented the photo when the Moon did lit the land, mountains, and significantly influenced the appearance and color of the sky. This is a very different case. As You can see, the Sunlight reflected by the Moon illuminates the mounts just as a weak red-colored light, while the land is immersed in the dark. It’s captured during the Moonrise – in a Moon’s exact location 0,3° above the horizon. For how reason are peaks of the High Tatras colored to the orange, and the sky is softly blue? However, the Sun produces visible light contains all color components. They disperse on the Earth’s atmosphere depending on the wavelength. The disperses of the red color isn’t that significant, as the disperse of the blue or violet. For that reason, light with a wavelength of about 620-750nm (red color) is mostly traveling through the atmosphere and succeed the surface (we can observe the same effect during the Moon eclipse). The violet (380-450nm) and blue (450-495nm) are dispersing the most. Thus Sun produces more blue like violet, the sky is colored-blue during the day, and even during the night when Moon reflected Sun’s light. How an extraordinary moment captured in one simple photo 🙂 As they say – at the right time in the right place 🙂


Location: Zelene pleso, High Tatras – Slovakia

Time and date: September the 8th 2020, 21:53 UTC+2h