Mountains in a Moonlight

122.00 s DPH

Premium quality canvas image with wooden recessed frame. Shipping worldwide.

Dimensions: 90cm x 60cm



The best things sometimes coming for a longer time, indeed. In this case, I waited a few months to make this composition possible. I spent two nights in the High Tatras at the Zelene Pleso mountain lake for hiking and also photographing purposes. But literally worth it! After that, as a result of my work, I would like to introduce You this kind of “miracle”. But why miracle? Thanks to the Moonlight, the landscape, and even the sky is brighter and nicely blue-colored. The water in a lake is so calm, that it made a perfect natural mirror with star’s reflections. And last but not least, the weather was truly perfect and sky was beautifully clear, which is really rare in the High Tatras. However, this view made me really excited, and I hope You will also like it!

Location: Zelene pleso mountain lake, High Tatras – Slovakia
Date: 8th of September 2020