Perseids 2020 over Poloniny Dark Sky Reserve

122.00 s DPH

Premium quality canvas image with wooden recessed frame. Shipping worldwide.

Dimensions: 80cm x 80cm



As my good friend and amazing photographer Petr Horálek said, life isn’t about breathing, but about moments when You hold Your breath for… For me are one of those moments unforgettable whiles spending watching the night sky. Far away from “modern civilization” in narrow contact with nature. And literally during august’s nights full of Perseids. The good weather in Slovakia isn’t a matter of course, but sometimes unpredictable trouble. I supposed to be a lucky one if I will catch some clear nights. And I truly did!

And the result? 4 dreamless nights from 9th to the 13th of August 2020, 2 cameras, 5.431 shots148 meteors captured, and 5 days of processing. But there are more interesting things. As You can see, there’s a village. What is missing? Light pollution, of course. Thanks to many villages there that turning the public lights off, we can still enjoy the dark sky in Slovak’s Poloniny National Park. Now imagine, that view we could enjoy directly from all our homes. Besides that, we can see beautiful Milky Way with red-colored hydrogen nebulas, three bright planetsJupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Green and red airglow caused by atomic oxygen emission in wavelengths 557,7nm for the green color, and 630nm for red as a result of atmospheric gravity waves. Do You see a faint light in a Capricorn constellation? It’s an exact opposite point of the Sun location, also called gegenschein. Such a beautiful thing! 🙂