Volcano and cross

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Dimensions: 90cm x 60cm



If You have not ever seen the Southern sky, I can tell You it’s significantly different and truly amazing. In the Northern hemisphere, we used Polaris as a polar star, but below the equator, there are other rules. To easily recognize the south celestial pole serves the Southern Cross constellation, which in the photo is just above the volcano Villarrica. This cross points to the south celestial pole and its stars are so bright, that we can’t be wrong. Within the cross, we can see a dark area called Coalsoak, which is also visible by the naked eye. It’s one of the best-known dark nebulae in the sky. In the upper left corner, there’s another night sky gem. Carina nebula is also seen just from the Southern hemisphere and it’s easily seen by the naked eye, but from binocular, we can spot beautiful details in it.