Parallax of bolides

30. April 2020

I thought about the image with a great explanation of parallax for a longer time. That every observer sees the close objects (meteors) so differently. During the Lyrids meteor shower, a few meteors appeared among the sky, but one of them was much brighter and longer than the others. At the 23:45 UTC, the bright bolide lit up the night sky for almost 9 seconds. Fortunately, two other photographers and me from Slovakia captured them on cameras. I came with an creative idea to stack their positions correctly together and make the parallax picture. I made the 360-degrees panoramic photography from a place I captured this bolide during the night from 21st to 22nd of April 2020 from Muran Plateau-Zbojska, Slovakia. Three bolides come from Zilina (shortest one), Zbojska, and Kosice (longer one) – all with different paths and lengths on the sky. It was the same bolide! The truly interesting fact was discovered after calculation of the height and the path of this piece of matter. While ordinary meteors burn out in altitude 60-90km above the ground, this one started to burn at the 121km above the ground. Due to its high speed (27km/s) it started to burn in a higher altitude than it usually does. On its long adventure, it travelled 242 km.How interesting!

Location: Zbojska, Kosice, Zilina – Slovakia
Time: 23:45 UTC
Category: Tracked pano, Stacked meteors
Tomas Slovinsky – Panoramic photography and processing, bolide from Zbojska
Robert Barsa – Bolide from Kosice, calculations and 3D visualization
Pavol Kostolny – Bolide from Zilina
Google Earth  (map used)

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