The true comet?

16. April 2024

I am pretty sure You saw a lot of gorgeous photographs of the 12P/Pons-Brooks comet that appears huge in the night sky. But what does that comet look like in fact to the naked eye or a sensitive camera? Here comes the photo from Utah, with Bortle 1 skies without any light pollution. You can compare its size with the wide-field image of the night sky with the zodiacal light. Comet was truly visible to the naked eye and photogenic. But nothing to compare to those too-much-edited photographs You have seen, even if they are really beautiful (no doubts). Still a very nice and unique view, indeed!
EXIF: 25″, f/2.2, ISO 3.200
Category: Two single shots – one tracked for the sky, one still for the foreground
Canon R6 Astro-modified with Sigma Art 28mm was used

ANNOTATED version:

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