A night filled with colors

24. May 2020


Nights are never dark even if You are under the dark sky.


However, how much darker the sky is, You can immerse deeper into the universe. During this night, the Milky Way appeared, the sky was a spectacular contrasted and atmospheric phenomenon painted colors across the night. We can even see airglow colors via a sensitive camera. Due to the airglow, bright Milky way and surrounded stars and planets nights are never truly dark.


I spent this beautiful night at the Poloniny Dark Sky Reserve in Slovakia. The best place to stargazing in a small Middle-Europe country. Fortunately, villages there turning off the public lights each night. Thanks to this, You can observe the night sky gems even from villages and its surrounding. I found this small pond just behind the village Runina and I can easily say, this night was one of the best I ever had.











Camera: Canon 6D mod
Lens: Sigma Art 28mm
Mount: Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer


f/2.0, ISO 6.400, 30″
49 frames
Category: Tracked Pano







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