Southern gems above the volcano

24. December 2020

Please, enjoy the Ultra High Definition panorama taken from Chile, under the Villarrica volcano.

If the photographs could speak, this image should explain a lot. But it’s also a great memory of the remarkable night spent under the active volcano Villarrica, in the region Pucón, Chile. The dark-colored soil is influenced by volcanic activity. In the center of the photo, it’s the volcano itself. Which spewed hot fumes lit by the core shined so bright, that it was even visible by the naked eye from such far. But over the horizon, the true night sky gems appear. The bright part of the Milky Way could be visible just from the Southern hemisphere. It’s filled with interesting objects, indeed. Southern Cross, Carina nebula, Gum nebula, and Magellanic clouds surrounded by the dark sky. We can even notice some meteors and three bright stars in the upper part of the image. From the left – Sirius (brightest star of the night sky), Canopus and Achernar. I hope You will like my effort to bring this beauty to the people.


ANNOTATED version:

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