Follow the light

15. January 2022

The natural dark night sky isn’t really dark at all. It even could throw a shadow. Only with a naked eye, in the unpolluted sky with artificial light sources, there can be seen about 5.000 stars. But not only stars, but also whole our Galaxy, which could be very bright, and also five other planets of our Solar System. Even an ordinary camera can reveal colors of the airglow phenomenon. With a modified camera, also hydrogen nebula clouds in our Milky Way appear. But it’s still only about visible light. A lot of incredible objects in the universe shine in a different part of the electromagnetic spectrum and scientific observatories try to seek a light that will tell us more about us. About our past, or our future as well.

Equipment: Canon 6D mod, Sigma Art 85mm, SkyWatcher Star-Adventurer, Astronomik 12nm H alpha filter
Category: Tracked Ha+RGB pano
Location: La Palma, July 2021

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