Galactic waterfall in High Tatras

27. August 2022

The most famous Slovak high mountains, the High Tatras, offer exceptional views of lakes, fairy-tale peaks and beautiful natural phenomena all around. An amazing night sky is also hidden near the mountain huts. The thousands of stars in our Galaxy in contrast to the wild mountain waterfall create a wonderful natural symbiosis. In the background is Tery’s mountain hut at an altitude of 2015 m and the peak called Prostredný hrot (Middle tip). Just above it – three bright stars form the famous asterism – the Summer Triangle, symbolizing the beauty of the summer night sky combined with mountain silence and a very peaceful atmosphere, which made this moment truly unique. As I like to say, it was just a matter of pressing the shutter button and taking a picture!

Equipment: Canon R6 mod, Sigma Art 28mm from tripod
Category: Panorama
EXIF: 13″, f/2.2, ISO 12.800 – 2×12 images
Location: Tery mountain hut, High-Tatras Slovakia
Date: 26th of Aug 2022

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