Aurora planet

23. December 2021

The night sky isn’t definitely a boring place. Sometimes a splendid appearance can excite cameras of passionate photographers. And with a sophistical projection, truly interesting compositions can occur.
Like in this case – the night sky full of aurora borealis was captured from Sweden’s Tornetrask lake. With a little planet projection, the colors and structures of aurora stood out in nice formations. And made two circles. One circle above the little planet is from the northern lights. Another circle below is our Galaxy filled with weaker aurora. And on the top of the planet, the captivated photographer stands and admires the universe. One interesting fact is that the shapes of the aurora itself in this projection look like the Earth’s magnetosphere, where the aurora is creating.
Location: Tornetrask lake, Sweden
Date: 30th of Oct 2021, about 00:30 AM
Category: Panorama
Equipment: Canon 6D mod, Sigma Art 28mm
EXIF: 2″, f/2.2, ISO 5.000

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