Aurora over the Lapland lake

16. March 2023

Lake Torneträsk is located in the north of Sweden, not far from the famous Abisko. During a calm October night in 2021, like no other night, it was possible to observe the famous northern lights. The Inuit once considered them torches with which their ancestors lighted the narrow bridge to the heavenly realm, so that the souls of the dead could find their way. Today we know that solar activity, the earth’s magnetic field, and atmospheric phenomena are behind the aurora borealis. However, it is so captivating anyway, that I am honestly not surprised that it still has a mystical effect on many.
Canon 6D mod, Sigma Art 28mm
EXIF: 6″, ISO 3.200, f/2.5
Location: Torneträsk lake, Northern Sweden
Date: 30th of October 2021

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