Gegenschein in Leo

3. March 2022
Places with dark skies and good atmospheric conditions can reveal the gems of the universe itself. Around the equinox, we can observe the well-known zodiacal light – the reflection of sunlight on interplanetary dust in the Solar system. A kind of huge “space mirror”. The zodiacal light continues across the zodiacal bridge to a slightly bright spot. This point is located exactly opposite the Sun’s position, so we call it counterglow, or gegenschein. It is a very dim light, but it can be observed with the eyes. Photographically, however, it can be recorded in much more detail. This photo is exactly a year ago – in March 2021 I managed to capture the perfect conditions for photographing this phenomenon. Gegenschein was at the same place as these days – in constellation Leo. Compositionally, I chose a mountain hut in the Low Tatras (altitude 1.740m), which is named after the famous Slovak astronomer, inventor, and general Milan Rastislav Štefánik.
Date: 10th of March 2021
Location: Mountain Hut under Dumbier peak – Low Tatras (Slovakia)Equipment: Canon 6D mod, Sigma Art 28mm, Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer

EXIF: 30″, f/2.2, IS0 5.000

Category: Tracked Pano

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